Why YouTube sucks ass

Ok…so I write to YouTube because someone posted an old film of mine without permission. And after jumping through hoops of fire to get my content taken down (content with was uploaded without a single hoop), what do they post on the old link page? This:

“This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Gorman Bechard. Sorry about that.”


“Sorry about that!!!!”

Shouldn’t it be more along the lines of: “The person who posted this was a thieving asshole who had no right to post it in the first place. His account has been canceled.”

I mean, seriously, who’s side is YouTube on? The illegal poster’s? Or the person getting raped by their service by people who can post whatever they want?

YouTube needs to get a grip on reality, grow a pair of balls, and stand up for the people getting ripped off, instead of kissing the asses of the illegal posters.

Either that or one of these fucking pirates needs to have their head beaten in with a baseball bat, just as we would if we caught them breaking into our home. No difference.

Except pirates are enabled by YouTube and their like.

It’s bullshit.