An open letter to my Color Me Obsessed fans


I think I can probably qualify as a pretty big Replacements fan. I’ve loved them since about 1983. Have gone to every tour since, including every solo tour. So having watched and listened to Paul and company for that long I find myself not bothered one microscopic bit by this co-called break-up announcement. Why? you might ask. Because it’s the fucking Replacements. They live to fuck with us. That’s part of why we love them. Is there a more sarcastic genius on the planet than Paul? NO, there isn’t. So, my advice: everyone unruffle your panties, sit back, and wait. In the mean time, enjoy the music as you always have, enjoy the onslaught of live videos posted on YouTube, and be patient. What makes for great rock and roll is that you never know what’s going to happen next. And here we are…

Gorman Bechard
director, Color Me Obsessed


2 thoughts on “An open letter to my Color Me Obsessed fans

  1. The show in Barcelona was good enough to be the last rock show I’d ever need to see. Afterwards I saw two other bands at the festival and walked away and said, “This can’t even compare.” Even the local newspaper in Barcelona said it was a history-making performance.

    Even if they never played another note, it was all more than we ever could have hoped for 24 years ago. A reunion is one thing, but one that actually is as good as or better than the times before only builds on the band’s mythos. It wasn’t just hype or nostalgia: this is the world’s best rock n’ roll band.

  2. Thank you. Also not much stock in the Pitchfork article: got facts wrong, etc. Probably just wanted the “scoop,” but there’s no there there. For all the posted videos and IGs, no fan from Porto relayed any announcement or smashing of guitar….Will always love the Mats then now forever!

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