Love them DVD extras!

Those who know my viewing habits know I love DVD extras. If the movie speaks to me, I will devour those deleted scenes, commentaries, etc. Call me a movie geek. It’s a title I’ll wear proudly. (It’s why so many of the movies one my 100 films to watch list a few months back were Criterion releases. Criterion knows extras!)

Because of that, I like to make sure my own releases are loaded with extras. The Broken Side Of Time coming out on May 20th has 90 minutes of extras, including:

But even some extras fell to the cutting room floor. Here’s a little NSFW extra extra that did not make it onto the upcoming DVD release of BROKEN SIDE OF TIME…it’s goofy, and more safe for work than not.

And please order the DVD by clicking HERE.

The film that freed my soul…

Ten years ago Frank Loftus and I started a small independent film company. We named it What Were We Thinking Films┬ábecause we thought that’s what we’d be thinking five years down the road.

My reason was simply that after the debacle┬áthat was “The Kiss” in Hollywood, I needed to know that I could either do a film, my way, and actually make it work, or to simply get this whole filmmaking thing out of my system and go back to writing books.

Not to speak for Frank, but I think he believed in me, and the ultimate goal was to eventually raise a few million and to finally turn my first novel “The Second Greatest Story Ever Told” into a film.

But first, we would “experiment,” work out the kinks if you will, with a smaller budget film. That film would become “You Are Alone.”

You Are Alone poster

I love this film. It gave me faith in my abilities. And I truly believe it contains one of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen from a young actress via what Jessica Bohl does with the character of Daphne.

It’s always been available on DVD. And finally now I can say it’s also available for both rental and purchase on Vimeo’s On Demand site.

If you like that you’ve seen from me over the past ten years, and have never seen “You Are Alone,” then please watch the film that set me free, and really helped turn me into the story-teller I hope I am today. I think you’ll love it. And you will never see the ending coming.

Watch it HERE

You Are Alone