Accountability.  It’s a good thing.  We all need to be responsible for our actions.  And likewise for actions for which we are directly responsible.  If we introduce two people and one kills the other on the first meeting, then we are certainly guilty in that there was no vetting on our part.

CraigsList, which banned its adult services ads when things went horribly wrong for a number of young women, is just as indirectly guilty for the torture of countless animals.

We need to pass legislation that will ban all advertising of animals for sale, or for “free to a good home,” on CraigsList.  All it will take is one state to pass a law.  If you are a representative of the people, if you are close to one, speak up, step up, do something…now, so that we never have to see another case like that of “Puppy Doe.”

Warning: this story is horrific.  But it must be seen, so these ads on CraigsList can be stopped.

Here is a link to contact CraigsList:  FLOOD IT!  Tell them what you think of how animals offered up on their site are tortured.

You know who your representatives are.  One of the things we’ve learned from making A DOG NAMED GUCCI is that people in public service listen to their constituents.   Email.  Call.  Write a letter.  Pay them a visit.  Tell them you want all animal ads banned on CraigsList in your state.

Show them pictures of “Puppy Doe.”

We are the voice for animals.  It is our responsibility to do something.

Step Up.  Speak Up.  Do Something.


Make them accountable.