A slap on the wrist for murder

Today, Alex Wullaert, 23, previously of Branford, now of East Haven walked away from New Haven court a free man despite an arrest warrant which stated he admitted to strangling his pit bull mix Desmond in January 2012.  The New Haven Register article can be found here.

It’s a sad day for dog lovers in Connecticut, but as we’ve discovered not unexpected. The American public, and more importantly, the justice system needs to learn that the laws that do exist, exist for a reason. That domestic animals can no longer be considered as merely possessions to do with as we please. And that slaps on the wrist only encourage future violence, instead of helping to prevent, as the laws intended. But we will remember Desmond, as we remember Gucci in our upcoming documentary.

And though we speak through film, everyone one of you has a voice just as loud. All it takes is time and passion. Write letters, share links, call representatives, post, tweet, care, remember.

Speak Up. Step Up. Do Something.


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