A Dog Named Gucci

For about a year now I’ve been talking with my wife and my crew about changing gears.  I love rock ‘n’ roll, anyone who knows my work, who knows me, knows that without question.  Finding the next great new band (this year it’s Waxahatchee and in second place The Orwell’s) is a passion and commitment I take as seriously as a brain surgeon about to open up someone’s head.

But after three rock documentaries I knew it was time to do something with a little more weight.  Something that might help make this world a better place.  And I knew, without question, that the subject would be about dogs.  I do truly believe dogs make us better people.  To paraphrase an old Bogart quote, I don’t trust people who don’t like dogs.  They love us unconditionally, and don’t care if we’re living in our car or in a mansion.  They just want to be by our side.  They protect us, makes us laugh, and just generally make life better.  No matter what sort of mood I’m in, my dogs can improve it.

Time to pay them all back.

I had been searching for a subject. Shelters seemed obvious.  And though they had been the subject of other documentaries, none of those were very well made.  In fact, I’m rather amazed that there has never been a great dog doc.

Then, shortly before we were leaving for a 20th anniversary vacation, my wife Kristine, who’s even more passionate about the subject than I am, sent me a link.  Let me preface this by saying, I’ve asked her not to send me these things. Pages set up for abused or murdered animals.  It makes me so angry I can’t see straight.  And when it began happening recently in my back yard (Desmond who was strangled, Precious who was stabbed 29 times), it makes me want to hunt the perpetrators down and do to them what they did to their dogs.  But after a few hours, I calm down…I know my best revenge is a great film.

Which leads me to Gucci.   After sending that link, Kris told me to read it.  It had a happy ending.  So I did.  And I immediately knew what the subject of my next film would be.

Here’s the KickStarter link. It explains everything. Please consider pre-ordering a DVD or poster, or any of the other great rewards.  Please pass the link along to anyone who might appreciate what we’re doing.  Please feel free to post it anywhere.


Thank you.

A Dog Named Gucci



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