Yes, I am thankful…

First off, for The Village Voice (the newspaper I bought as a teen to find out where bands like The Replacements were playing) and FilmMaker Magazine doing pieces within a week of one another.

Not to mention still living off a rock high from those two Mats tribute shows thrown by Jesse Malin, Todd Youth, and company after the two sold out Color Me Obsessed screenings in NYC last week.

But even more than that. It’s been a great year for so many reasons. To shoot the Archers of Loaf live, and have three of my favorite people in the world (Jan Radder, Sarah Hajtol, and Adrian Correia) by my side as I’m doing it. Is there anyone I’d prefer to make a film with? No. These are the guys that make my life easy.

To have so many other films that excite me in developement. To be working with Lynn Mancinelli again. And the new people on the crew (Taryn, Andrew, and Cory) who are such rising stars.

For the acquaintances who became good friends over this past year: Diane Welsh, Katie Dickie. And the friend who became such an important part of my team: Dean Falcone.

For the attention lavished on CMO. It’s been a nice surprise to have taken the risk, and have it pay off. I am humbled.

For the two stinky dogs who bring a smile, love, warmth to every day of my life.

And to be able to share all of this with the woman who’s been by my side for 19 years as my wife, 24 years as my best friend. The partner who still cries when she feels I’ve done something really well. And who has no problem telling me when I haven’t. I love you, Kris.

I have a lot to be thankful for…

Why YouTube sucks ass

Ok…so I write to YouTube because someone posted an old film of mine without permission. And after jumping through hoops of fire to get my content taken down (content with was uploaded without a single hoop), what do they post on the old link page? This:

“This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Gorman Bechard. Sorry about that.”


“Sorry about that!!!!”

Shouldn’t it be more along the lines of: “The person who posted this was a thieving asshole who had no right to post it in the first place. His account has been canceled.”

I mean, seriously, who’s side is YouTube on? The illegal poster’s? Or the person getting raped by their service by people who can post whatever they want?

YouTube needs to get a grip on reality, grow a pair of balls, and stand up for the people getting ripped off, instead of kissing the asses of the illegal posters.

Either that or one of these fucking pirates needs to have their head beaten in with a baseball bat, just as we would if we caught them breaking into our home. No difference.

Except pirates are enabled by YouTube and their like.

It’s bullshit.