My next music doc!

The other day I came up with what really should be my next music documentary. A companion piece, if you will, to Color Me Obsessed. Me and a crew of three other camera-people each assigned one member of the band Vampire Weekend. We stalk them. We harass them. He break into their homes. We are there when they eat, sleep, call their mommies. We make their lives miserable. And all we ever do is pose the question: “Why do you suck so much?” Over and over again. “WHY DO YOU SUCK SO MUCH?”

I would see it almost as my gift to the rock ‘n’ roll world as the confrontations would inevitably force the band members to get hopefully angry, turn to alcohol, or better yet, hard drugs, to finally take off the white V-neck sweaters grandma knitted, grow into angry punks, growing some actual balls in the process. It could only help their sound. They’d ditch the rinky-dink keyboards, opting instead for barely in-tune fenders, taking out their frustration on the unknowing strings. (I could almost hear the Fenders whispering to one another at night. “This was supposed to be an easy gig. Never a scratch. Fuck! We should have gone home with Taylor Swift instead.”)

It could be a transformation caught for everyone to see on camera, turning the wimpiest band in history into something raw and potentially brilliant. (Okay, brilliant might be pushing it for these guys, but at least something that wasn’t vomit inducing.) But just picture them breaking down, stealing old ladies purses, screaming at stranger in the street, urinating in public!

Or of course it could backfire. We could so distress their gentle egos that they’d instead shrivel up and wither away.

Either way, it would make for great film.

And their fans really would have nothing to worry about, as I’m sure there’d be many other set of silly silly hipsters waiting to take their place, with an iPod commercial song and a Honda commercial song already in the can.

P.S. Before all the VW fans get their panties in a bunch, let me point out that it isn’t just about this band. But they are the poster child for hipster lame, for hipster wimp. This could just as easily be about dozens (hundreds!) of other bands, many from Brooklyn. They’re all so easily interchangeable you’d think someone would be embarrassed. Though I’m not sure that’s anything they teach you at hipster school.

3 thoughts on “My next music doc!

  1. Of course, you could do a documentary about the coolest, unsuckiest band in Brooklyn, except that someone already did a docu on The Fleshtones last year (“Pardon Us for Living but the Graveyard Is Full”).

    That said, the second-coolest band in Brooklyn would make a killer story, too: The A-Bones. Actually, since you’re about musical obsessions, they’d make an exceptional story.

    The married couple of Billy Miller (sax/vocals) and Miriam Linna (The Cramps’ original drummer) started a ‘zine in the early ’80s called Kicks, where they wrote about their favorite lost rock’n’rollers (Hasil Adkins, Esquerita, Bobby Fuller, Wanda Jackson, The Trashmen, etc.). And from there, they put out a collection of Hasil Adkins records in ’86 called “Out to Hunch” — and that was the start of what is arguably the coolest archival record label in creation, Norton Records. Miriam is also a world-class authority on J.D. novels and has long been working on a Bobby Fuller biography. And 30something years later, they’re still two obsessed kids … So it’s not all insufferable hipsters in Brooklyn.

    And yeah, fuck Vampire Weekend and all those precious 20something Ivy league slummers who think they invented rock’n’roll …

  2. I totally agree. Someone gave me a Grizzly Bear cd and I found it completely unlistenable. It bored me to tears. The problem with these new bands is that they’ve taken the rock out of rock and roll.

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