The making of COLOR ME OBSESSED – part 2

It happened like this. Hansi Oppenheimer was making a film about fans of The Replacements called COLOR ME OBSESSED. One evening a few years back now, I received an email from her asking for help. It more or less said she had no way to finish the film, and no rights to the music, so she was probably just going to post a thirty minute version for free online, and be done. Could I think of any way to help save the project?

Now I had always wanted to make a documentary. But I would only do one on a subject about which I was profoundly passionate. I really only have three: animals, new haven brick oven pizza, and rock music, most specifically, The Replacements. But I really didn’t want to do something VH1-ish, y’know “where are they now?” And I could think of no film on an extinct band that was anything more than that. The best music docs followed their subjects around in the here and now. I needed to come up with a unique take.

It didn’t take long.

That night while lying in bed with my wife Kristine, I started thinking how the Mats were Gods in my eyes. And though I don’t believe in God, a lot of people sure seem to. Yet it’s all blind faith, they never see or hear God. “What if I make a documentary where we never see or hear the band?” I spoke out loud to my wife who was reading a health magazine. “What if I give them God-like treatment, and make the viewer believe?” I honestly don’t remember her response. I think at that point I became lost in the possibilities of the myth. It was a crazy idea. And the more I thought about it, the more I loved it.


7 thoughts on “The making of COLOR ME OBSESSED – part 2

  1. So I wonder why Paul would not allow you the rights to use the Mats music in the video..
    maybe you could answer that in the next Installment. Yes I am a contributor ….

    1. Let me be completely clear, I have never asked for permission to use their music, in any way, shape or form. (So, I was never turned down.) Whether or not Hansi did, I have no idea. Never asked her, it wasn’t an issue to me. (Though my guess would be that if she did ask, the costs would have been prohibitive.)

      But you’re missing my point, I would have never made the film with the music. As I stated, I didn’t want to do a VH1 “where are they now” type doc. I don’t want music in the film. The challenge, what excited me, was to make a music doc with not one note of music. With not one image of the band. Otherwise I would have passed…

  2. I’ve gotta be honest and say all the God-like references make me nervous. I hope you’re using some restraint in the film. They were a great band, an influential band, my personal alltime favorite band… but to bring religion into it seems way overboard.

    1. There’re no religious references whatsoever in the film. But music is religious to me. That’s just me explaining my thought process. I.E. People believe in God without seeing or hearing him/her, but through stories and the faith of others. With COLOR ME OBSESSED I will make people believe in the Mats in much the same way (through the stories and faith of others).

  3. I disagree with the other Scott. To call the Mats “Gods” is a little bit of an understatement. On Sundays, I only listen to the Replacements and their off-shoots. Spirituality is about belief and passion and faith — no other band from the past 30 years has inspired so much of all of the above.

    1. That’s the way it is for me. I believe in The Replacements. Can’t say that about too many other things in my life…

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