The making of COLOR ME OBSESSED – part 1

It’s been a long time, but I have good reason: COLOR ME OBSESSED, my feature-length documentary on The Replacements. Over the next many months I will try to take a look at the film, my process, my motivation, etc and so forth. I’ll begin by trying to answer the question I’ve thus far asked 139 times: Why The Replacements?

I could say something simple and to the point, that they are the greatest rock band of all time. That their music is timeless. Their rock purity unmatched. But it’s more than that. The Replacements transcend simple greatness. They are the cure for my cancer. (They’ve cured my cancer many times over.) They’ve kept love alive. They’ve re-invented my life. They walk on water, feed the multitudes with a single loaf of bread, and cry tears of blood. They are my religion. Jesus Christ didn’t write Here Comes A Regular. He didn’t play the guitar solo on Color Me Impressed. And he certainly didn’t sing If Only You Were Lonely. It’s the Replacements who gave my life clearer meaning, who gave me something in which to believe. So, yes, when the opportunity arose to make a film about the band, I jumped. It was like being born again.



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5 responses to “The making of COLOR ME OBSESSED – part 1

  1. John Farrell

    Will always love the Replacements. One of two bands I said “I’ll see them next time” and never did. I still regret it. Back in June 1987, I was in the back of a production van for a feature you were directing…I hear “lets all go see the Replacements tomorrow night in New Haven…except John Farrell, he’s not 21 yet.” Damn. (I shoulda went and snuck in somehow!)

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