Film Commissions…


Accounting is not my strong suit.  Dealing now with getting a tax credit from the CT State Film Commission for my last feature, FRIENDS (WITH BENEFITS). It’s a comedy, the paperwork is not.  And I’m sure when you’re a big studio with a bevy of lawyers and accountants at your beck and call, dealing with the massive amounts of paperwork is no big deal.  However when you’re a small company (and What Were We Thinking Films, Inc. is a SMALL company), the paperwork is suffocating.  As are the accounting fees for the necessary audit.  But the CT Film Commission was never one to make things easy for the little guy.  (The last commissioner actually told me, a lifetime tax-paying resident who’s made 6 low budget features in state, they didn’t have time for small films because so many big budget movies were coming to Connecticut.  Yeah, well…I’m still here.  She’s long gone.)

Though I love New Haven.  Though I love New Haven brick oven pizza.  Though I love our homegrown coffee.  I’m ready to make films elsewhere.  Where the state film commission actually wants the business, wants the art, wants to help.  Why stay where you’re not wanted?

I’ve been editing FRIENDS for a year now, since the day after Final Cut Pro was released last June.  I’ve taken the first cut of 125 minutes down to 93 minutes.  I’ve made it a film I’m proud to have my name on.  That’s what it is at this point.  Making films or writing books that I’m proud of.  There’ve been to many pieces of shit in my past.  Usually having to do with losing control of the project, or in the case of THE KISS, never having control to begin with and making the mistake of trusting a producer who couldn’t see his star-struck hand from his wife-kissed ass. 

That’s why I made YOU ARE ALONE and now FRIENDS.  To prove that either I could do it, I could make a film worth watching, or to just get it out of my system and stick to the books.  I do honestly believe I proved I could with YOU ARE ALONE.  I’m very proud of that film, of the response its gotten at film festivals and on DVD.  (If I must say so, my director’s commentary is worth a listen.  It’s a lesson in indie filmmaking, it’s a lesson in life.  And if you love dogs, it will make you cry.)  I’m curious as to how audiences will react to FRIENDS.  It guess I’ll be finding out soon enough.

P.S. The vet called.  Kilgore’s not anemic after all.  It was just another scare in a long line of scares with him.  Damn, I love that dog! 



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